A story of 3


about to take off!!air

  • i was just relaxed & sat on my seat,i heard  that my phone is ringingand i had picked the call .“it was chatur”
    • he said that RANCHO is coming .by the way rancho is my friend in engineering he is very innovative & had a different talent that makes him unique .

      first in college with 3 idiots*

    • oh!! by the way iam fharan. i like wife photography but i was doing engineering degree  as of my father’s wish.
    • my first  day in my college it was fresher’s day .i met RAJU their he is my roomate & my best friend too.and praying to god to pass exams.
    • as it was   freshers day,i had lot many dreams about engineering.but i was over postive at that time .
    • it’s not freshers day,they are invited for ragging ,this sound’s a bit funny but it actually happend.
    • 3idoits
    • there comes Our RANCHO. senoirs said to remove shirt & they are great . rancho  doesn’t like that
    • he rushed to a room & closed the door.
    • the seniors warned that they will pee infront of the room if he doesn’t come out.
    • “WE ALL KNOW THE SALT WATER IS AGOOD CONDUCTOR OF ELECTRICITY”.may be that a8th standard physics.
    • great thing about rancho was he applied that in order to escape.
    • first day was banged by rancho

    • to be continued in free time.

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